Sunday, August 16, 2009

happy week

there were a lot of great things that made this week a happy one. 

first of all, i got to see a patient that now walks but was once paralyzed from the waist down when i took care of him. he comes to see his old nurses every time he is at the hospital for an appointment. i shed a tear (a happy tear) every time i see him now because he is a miracle. i love him and his family so much! 

secondly, i made homemade buttercream icing for some cupcakes i made for a baby shower at work this week. i've already told basically everyone i know, but i'm proud of myself so get over it.

we just finished watching the movie "the kite runner" and i highly suggest it. however, if you have the time, the book is better.

next, i guess would be the furniture makeover that ryan and i did. here are 2 more pieces that we are working on for the new apartment. i think the red nightstand is going to stay as is (i did paint the inside because it smells like mildew and i sanded the edges to enhance its rustic-antique look). the
yellow table obviously needs a top, but my dad is working on that. it's going to be my sewing/crafting table. i think i'm going to paint the whole thing green when it is put together. 

did i mention that my granddad found both of those pieces on the street where he lives?

last but not least, when i got home from work thursday night, these were waiting for me. a freshly picked bouquet of zinnias from my mother's garden, put there by none other than the hubs. oh yea, and he cleaned the whole apartment ceiling to floor (he mopped and everything). i love fresh flowers, the smell of a clean living space, and my husband! 


  1. Way to go hubs! Very sweet. Can't wait to see all the new furniture!

  2. The cupcakes look delicious! By the way, your famous chocolate chip oatmeal cookies never turn out the same for me! Those things are heavenly.