Thursday, September 2, 2010


i feel bad that i'm just now blogging about this, but this week has consisted of nothing but packing and moving from sun up to sun down (with the occasional social activity sprinkled in).

so....this past sunday, our wonderful friends martha and tdud hosted a going away party for us and invited all of our favorite people! it was just a come and go fun time that consisted of oh so much fun, friends, family, photos, bbq, my family's 4 generation chocolate chip cookies (made perfectly by the hostess herself), and homemade shortbread with peach ice cream and hot homemade raspberry sauce. i'm such a sucker for homemade anything. i actually chose not to eat desserts if there is not some sort of homemade element in them. anyway, that is beside the point.

it was so great to be around all our closest friends and family all together one last time before we take off.

here are some photos from the joyous event (somehow we did not get one with the host and hostess).