Friday, September 25, 2009

bama's new bed

we are moving into a new apartment tomorrow (yay)! and there are a few things that i don't want to come with us to our new and improved abode. the main thing being bama's bed. i know that bama loves his bed, and it feels like his little puppy cave (because it is). but i am ever so tired of waking up to this view:

throughout the night, bama pushes all of his blanket out of his bed and cuddles himself in the very back of it. every morning, before i do anything else, i have to shove this mound of blanket back into his bed or it will drive me crazy.

this little dandy of a floor cushion from pier one. they don't have the color i got on the internet, but this is the size and shape and i absolutely love it!

i think bama loves it too.

within 5 minutes of putting this on the floor, he brought all of his toys to his new bed and immediately began chewing on his favorite bone. i like to think that was his stamp of approval.

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