Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ultimate happiness

many times in my life i pause and say... "it's the little things in life that make me so happy". nothing could prove that phrase more true in my life than possibly my favorite past time, watching dogs. meet scotty and bama...

this is scotty, also known as "potty".
my family adopted him when i was a senior in high school.
his birthday is november 5, 2002
he is my brother.
his favorite pastimes include:
finding and chewing on sticks that are bigger than him (photo),
wrestling with bama, being my mom's shadow,
licking our plates when we are finished with them, licking himself,
barking at the vacuum, sunning, chasing cats, and chewing on one of his many toys.

this is bama, also known as "bam bam" and "the wiener".
ryan got him when he was a junior in college.
his birthday is february 14, 2006.
he is my son (scotty's nephew).
his favorite pastimes include:
chewing on his toenails, tripping me when i'm cooking,
stealing toys from scotty, barking and chasing children and squirrels,
sprinting, sunning, hiding from the vacuum,
sleeping under mounds of blankets,
sleeping on the back of the couch, and chewing on his duck (photo).

every time we go to my parents house the wiener goes with us, and inevitably, he and scotty will play and play and play, and love every minute of it. i think all dogs are funny, but for some reason, bama and scotty are so much more funny when they are together. they absolutely love each other. if we say the other dog's name in one dog's presence, they freak out because they want to be together.

best friends
who could keep from being happy with these 2 pups around... not me! they constantly teach me that it will always be "the little things" in life that make me so happy.


  1. Koozy has been practicing her sprints so Bama better get ready. She's was at lightening speed last time we checked.