Friday, June 18, 2010

now reading

i know, i think because there are such serious, stressful things going on in my life right now, i just had the urge to read something easy and whimsical. i have always liked the harry potter movies but never read the books. my husband was one of those people who camped out at the book store dressed in hogwarts attire and fake glasses waiting for his copy at midnight. needless to say, we already had the books.

why not? they are exactly what i was looking for in an easy summer read, and i'm already on the 3rd one.

i will never dress up like the characters and it's definitely not an obsession, but it is a good escape for now. especially when the other book on my reading list is:

this is what we will teach from at avanti italia and what we will be taught from in our orientation week in searcy. it was written by one of the founding fathers of avanti italia, jim woodroof. so far it is great, but obviously a little deeper than harry potter. i like the balance.

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  1. nice balance indeed!
    Maybe while you're there you can redesign the latter book's cover, or cover it with felt + buttons? :)