Friday, July 30, 2010

simple project

not a major project at all, but very necessary considering our upcoming life change.

i stopped at target today, as i occasionally do when i have time to kill in east memphis, to buy some thank you notes. instead i found this:

box of 200 earth tone note cards with matching/not matching envelopes, depending on how i choose to pair them up

i figured i could use these for a multitude of purposes since they are blank, and there are so many so i hopefully won't have to buy anymore while in italy.

then i remembered i had a ton of blank return address labels from our wedding, so i made these:

happy little "thank you" and "i miss you" labels to stick in the middle of an appropriate note, and return address labels with our soon to be address at the bible school in florence.

so easy a first grader could do it, but i had fun and i love them. that's all that matters right?

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  1. How funny: my best friend from college worked for Campus Crusade for Christ Int'l, and when she lived in Barbados and then in Italy, these are the cards she bought to write to her friends and sponsors. Tons of options in a small package. (Found you via Leslie> Martha.) Have the time of your life! Kristen Green