Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a great read

apparently "real simple" magazine (my favorite magazine) has started a quarterly little magazine called "real simple family", and they just sent it to me in the mail yesterday. it was not only a pleasant surprise, but gave me something lovely to read at work today.

one of the articles in this first edition of "real simple family" was about children's books that are good to read as an adult. most of the books they mentioned, i agree, are good reads, but i am sad to say that my all time favorite children's book of all time did not make the list.

the phantom tollbooth by norton juster. this is a wonderful story with great illustrations. it kind of reminds me of alice in wonderland, but better. i read this book so many times as an elementary school child the pages started falling out. in fact, i don't even have a copy of it anymore because my original fell apart. i love it!
this is my suggestion for best children's book to read as an adult, and i feel like more people should appreciate its brilliance. now i want to go read it all over again.

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  1. i need to read this book. my vote is if you give a mouse a cookie.

    that was my all time fave.