Thursday, August 13, 2009

our first DIY project!

since we are moving into a bigger apartment, we need more furniture! i have a very retro, mustard brown tall dresser that i used in college and thought would be perfect storage in our new home, except it is ugly. this past winter, leslie gave me a great idea for a dresser/bedside table that she found on a blog that i now love, cucumbersome. i have wanted to do this project with this dresser since leslie gave me the idea, but i have just now felt like i would have a place to put the dresser.

yesterday, ryan, my mom, and i finally did it and it looks awesome, if i do say so myself. we painted it a light gray color called "secret passage", and i think it will look good with everything we have in our apartment now. i am sad to say we do not have knobs for it yet, because we didn't like anything we saw at lowe's and i really can't decide what i like. i forgot to take a picture of it yesterday, and it is still at my parent's house so i can't post a picture now. i will post one this weekend, because i need your suggestions on knobs. be thinking...

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