Friday, August 21, 2009

i love walking

i realized yesterday how much i love walking...outside that is.

yesterday morning ryan and i got up early and went walking down peabody and all throughout the central gardens neighborhood. we had bama with us, of course, and it was just so unbelievably pleasant. i love looking at people's flowers and yards, waving at people leaving their homes to go to school and work, smelling the flowers, petting random dogs, acting like we own the homes and discussing what we would change about them, and being the only 2 people and 1 dog walking around at that time. it is one of my favorite things.

then yesterday afternoon i went over to cari's grandmother's house by harding, and we walked to audubon park and to the farmer's market and back. it was such a wonderful time to catch up and enjoy the day together.

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  1. We love walking too, Laura. And we do the exact same with houses! We say things like, " If they would just paint their house, it would do wonders!".