Saturday, August 22, 2009

photo of the week

my granddad is one of my favorite people! he is by far the greatest granddad imaginable and i try to go see him and my grandmother as often as possible. when i was little my feelings for my grandparents were no different, and we also went to see then as much as we could. however, when it was time to come back to memphis, i used to cry and pat the seat of the car telling them to sit down and come with me. apparently i could really throw a hissy fit when it was time to leave "g and g's".

i was recently telling martha about this occurrence and the sweet thing my granddad did to try to keep me from being so sad when i was away from him. he used to record himself on a cassette tape talking about his week and the things he was doing and thinking about; he would even read books and sing...yes, sing to me. then when we would see him again, he would give new tapes to my mom for me to listen to when we were back home. oh, and if you were wondering, yes, i was spoiled and the only grandchild for 5 years. the point is, i found a picture of myself listening to one of granddad's tapes and it made me happy. i think
he should still make them for me.
i know i would still listen.

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