Tuesday, October 13, 2009

happiness is my grandparents lake house

we got to go to the lake last weekend, and it was so wonderful! my mom, ryan, and i left thursday night after work and clayton (my brother) was out of school friday, so he came up thursday afternoon when he got out of class.

it rained all day friday so my mom, my grandmother, and i drove to batesville, ar for some antiques and fabric. on our journey, we stumbled into a delicious little nursery selling of course mums and other fall plant life. this town is so quaint that there wasn't even a person at the nursery to pay. you just wrote what you bought on a piece of paper and left some money in a bowl. there is where i bought these great gourds to decorate my table for fall, and some dried chinese lanterns just to have around and look awesome.

then it was on to the biggest fabric store in the world. i think it really is; it is the size of a walmart store with nothing in it but fabric. it is amazing and the prices are less than half of what we pay for fabric in memphis. my sweet sweet grandmother bought me some wonderful fabric to make curtains for our kitchen and bedroom. i think the total for 8 yards of this really good fabric was maybe 16$... unheard of.

bedroom curtains (bad picture, sorry)
close up of the fabric
kitchen curtains
another close up/bad picture (for some reason the fabric looks off white, but it's really mustard yellow)
back in cherokee village, we ate some incredible meals, played a great game of phase 10 (my granddad won, he always does), cleaned out closets, played with trusty, watched football, sewed, watched movies, and just loved being together. it was such a wonderful weekend! i never want to leave there.


  1. p.s. and OF COURSE you already have three sets of curtains hung up...whereas it would take normal people maybe three months?