Monday, October 19, 2009

megan and carson's wedding weekend

after 6 years of dating, one of my best friends, megan, finally married the love of her life, carson. it was the sweetest wedding i have ever been to, and it was so absolutely beautiful.

this whole weekend was so fun starting on thursday. all the bridesmaids from out of town arrived thursday and we all went to eat at molly fontaine's lounge. then we got a hotel room, went back there, and had a lingerie shower/birthday party for megan (her birthday was the 16th).

at the hotel, buzz revealed her "party pack" that she had for all of us which included a t-shirt and mix cd she made. our shirts had our nickname on the back and "the party" on the front. megan's just had a "B" on the front and medders on the back. thanks buzz.

friday morning we had to get up early and go over to ali's mom's house for a bridal luncheon. it was so wonderful and relaxed and we sat around after and talked for hours. then all the bridesmaids went back over to megan's mom's house and lounged around, did our nails, and got ready for the rehearsal dinner.

we rehearsed, had dinner at chickasaw oaks, and then went to blue monkey for some fellowship. we all went back to megan's mom's to spend the night and hang out some more.

saturday morning we slept in, ate breakfast at megan's mom's house, and got ready for the wedding. it was at midtown church and the reception was at memphis water works. it was so personal and fun, and it was so great to see all the people who were there that i hadn't seen since my wedding or since i graduated. i just wanted all my friends to stay and live in memphis. not to mention how happy i am for carson and megan. a bunch of people went for one last hurrah at young avenue deli after the wedding which was great, and we had our first 2 guests (holly and buzz) stay in our apt last night. all around, this weekend was some of the most fun i have had in a long time.

these were the only pictures i took (the other bmaids will probably add some to facebook soon)


  1. Laura you look so beautiful in that photo! We are so sad to have missed...can't wait to see photos!

  2. Lemmons! I had the best time with you! You make a girl want to move closer