Monday, November 23, 2009

what a weekend!

my favorite brother in law got hitched this weekend, and what a show it was. it was definitely the biggest wedding i've ever been to! it went by so fast, but we had a a really good time.

the trip began with a 7 hour drive to tulsa, where ryan and i stopped at the original "whatta-burger" in russellville, ar (apparently not related to the chain) and listened to dan brown's newest book, the lost symbol (really good s0 far but we still haven't finished it because it is 16 hours long).
the real whatta-burger
happy husband getting the food

when we arrived in tulsa, we just had enough time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner and go. it was at the church, and the food was wonderful! everyone wore alabama attire, except for me. then they rehearsed and i went and hung out with ryan's sweet/fun aunts in their hotel room.

the stephens
happy husband loves rehearsing
i know this picture is very high school, but i like it
donald patrick
aunts cynthia, sue, and connie (i'm the lump at the foot of the bed)
the next morning there was a brunch at megan's neighbor's house, and it was great. once again the food was what i paid the most attention to, and it was amazing!

the wedding was at 5 saturday evening, but we had to get there at 2 to take pictures. since i was an honorary bridesmaid i didn't have to be in many pictures, so i hung out with the groomsmen, and we played beatles rockband in the youth wing of the church...hilarious.

dear prudence
ryan took this photo and i really like it
the wedding went smoothly as planned and then off to the reception at the tulsa marriott, complete with alabama grooms cake, a sit down steak dinner, a toast by my husband, and people watching on the dance floor. it was great!

happy husband and me
the happy couples
trolley ride to the reception

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