Friday, November 13, 2009


i have always loved midtown/downtown memphis, and as long as i live here i hope to be able to live in that area of the city.

for christmas from the hubs, i wanted a membership to the Y downtown and i went ahead and got it on monday. this week of workouts has been extremely intense, seeing as though i haven't actually "worked out" in months. basically i thought i was going to need a paramedic at some point during all 3 classes i have attended this week. the craziest part...i got up at 5:30 am yesterday and today to go to my favorite classes...who am i?

something about social exercising makes me thrive, and all the people at the fogelman Y are so friendly, i just love it. i may even play on their volleyball team, hahaha. besides the people, the next best thing about this place is the view from the building...if you are a member, you can come up on their roof when there are redbirds games and watch them for free. i think that is pretty awesome.

at least when i am getting my butt kicked in a 6 am spin class by people twice my age i can have this view to look at.

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