Thursday, December 17, 2009

apt additions

i love christmas and i this is my first year for decorating my own tree and home and i have loved every minute of it. i love making my own decorations and my newest was our wreath.

easy as pie. i hot glued felt snowflake ornaments from target and pinecones to a store bought healthy looking wreath. i also glued some cute buttons to the center of the snowflakes.
we have been on a hunt for a narrow entry table (with a narrow price, haha) for throwing the mail and putting a lamp on, and visited almost every antique store in the memphis area in the process. today i went to a favorite of ours, secondhand rose, and finally found it...and a few more things.
this table is scandinavian and over 100 years old
(according to the antique dealer man)
i don't care, i just love it!
retro fan (i don't know why but i've always wanted one)
and it still works
the table and fan's new home
old mustard ottoman
the ottoman's new home
(notice our christmas tree and homemade
pinecone garland in the background :)


  1. just LOVE your new table and ottoman! everything looks so wonderful and comfortable--completely "Stephens."

  2. Ottoman....jealous! So so so jealous