Monday, December 21, 2009

what a wonderful year it has been

today is our 1 year anniversary, and it what a better way to spend the weekend than by having christmas with our family! ryan and i drove up friday morning, and as is custom when i arrive to the lake, i like to go to my favorite antique store in hardy, ar, memory lane. this antiquing trip was my best in a while and i must share my treasures:

old guitar strap for ryan to use as a camera strap
4 readers digests from 1977 (i just bought them for looks)
wooden cake stand
that afternoon the rest of the family arrived and we ate and did puzzles, duh.

saturday morning we got up and started preparing the christmas feast, and did we ever feast. i'll just say that ina garten ain't got nothing on my grandmother, and i'll take that to the grave. after our bellies had rested a little while we had christmas together. every year my granddad usually gives my mom money to pick out my grandmothers christmas presents from him, but this year i was the chosen one. it was so fun to watch her open all of her presents, especially because they had said that they weren't getting each other gifts!

looking through the photo book of her garden we made her
last night we enjoyed coffee from grandmother's new keurig coffee maker from my aunt and uncle, and puzzled until bedtime.

this morning we all got to go to church together, then we feasted on leftovers, and had to make the sad journey back to the real world. christmas memories at the lake are some of my favorites!

husband and wife
i realize ryan's head is cut off, but this was the best we could do
so back in memphis, ryan and i exchanged anniversary gifts and wrote in our book of ten,
made for me before our wedding by jesse. we listed the 10 most wonderful memories from our first year of marriage. (it was hard to narrow it to 10)

our gifts:
i got and framed ryan a print from rifle paper co, the website of anna bond (an artist we love)

he got me a record player and some old and new albums, and he made me a beautiful collage with a song lyric of one of our favorite bands, the avett brothers. (i know, i was outdone)

his print on his side, my collage on my side
1 year down, 100 to go...

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