Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the holiday season

well, christmas has come and gone and that makes me sad, but it was sure wonderful. in 7 days, we were in cherokee village, memphis, and mobile, worked 3 days, had 4 christmases, made gingerbread houses, watched 15 or so christmas movies, baked and delivered 5 dozen cookies, listened to 36 hours of christmas music, ate a lot of good food, and made a ton of great memories.

one thing i didn't do in these 7 days of christmas was take a picture WITH my husband. oh well, we'll remember next year. so, besides a what i'm sure would have been a real doozy of a picture of ryan and i, here are some of my favorites from the week.

when they opened their beatles rain tickets
as much fun as this christmas season was, in the future i hope to be able to slow down a little more around this time of the year (and take a couple of pictures with my husband), but unfortunately i will probably always be left saying "where did christmas go?".

just in time for making a new year's resolution...

mine: slow down, learn spanish.

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