Saturday, December 12, 2009

ode to the hubs

i love this man.

when i came home from a long day of work today, i walked in the door to find scrubbed toilets, shiny sinks, folded clothes, dusted shelves, and vacuumed floors. the apt was spotless! i never want to make it sound like the hubs doesn't clean. i rarely clean the kitchen, fold clothes, or change sheets alone. a lot of times he even does those things when i never even ask him to. however, it was beyond words enjoyable to walk in the door, completely surprised that my home was oh so clean.

it's just a great feeling and i am so thankful for the little things the hubs does that he knows i will love. to you, my love...thank you for everything you do for me everyday. i love you more than you know.

now enjoy some pre-dating/early dating photos of the hubs and i, just in time for our 1 year anniversary (the 20th)

nice sweat


  1. Oh my gosh... When did you start blogging? This makes me so happy. Good seeing yall a few weeks ago, and happy early anniversary!