Thursday, December 3, 2009

thanksgiving adventures

i know it's bad that i'm just now discussing thanksgiving on december 2, but i think there are some stories worth telling from our weekend of thanks. thanksgiving itself was not that great because i was at work but as far as a day at work goes, it was pretty fun. we pretty much did crossword puzzles all day and ate, and took care of a few patients. clayton also came to see me at work and helped us with our crosswords.

after work, clayton was waiting at our apt and he, ryan, and myself drove to the lake. we got there late and to my surprise, everyone was still awake! we enjoyed some nerts and then were off to bed.

i must say that ryan and i shared a full size aero bed and i woke up at 5 am with my hip bone throbbing in pain as it dug into the ceramic tile floor... for our "bed" had deflated. i retreated to the couch, while ryan went to his favorite chair and 1/2 for the rest of the night. ever so confident in our aero bed we tried it again the next night, thinking maybe the latch hadn't been closed properly the night before. needless to say we were awoken again to the stinging cold pain of lying on a tile floor and assumed our couch and chair beds from the night before.

so friday morning we had our thanksgiving meal and it was heavenly! ps we still have the adult table and kids table and instead of ryan and i moving up to the adult table we just pulled another chair up to the kids table (i like it that way, i hope that never changes). after lunch we performed our thanksgiving ritual of writing on the table cloth. yes, my grandmother has a plain white table cloth that she got the year they bought their lake house. every year at thanksgiving, after we are stuffed with a glorious meal, grandmother breaks out the sharpies and we all write what we are thankful for. it's so fun to look back at what everyone has written over the years and i will carry on this tradition forever.

the man (we were looking for the eagle that lives at the lake)
after we rested from our meal, the girls all went to the home and studio of rodney lemonier, creator of the good earth pottery. he has an open house the day after thanksgiving every year, where you can watch him make the pottery. i don't know how my grandmother found out about him, but he lives in the hills near my grandparents, and we have all become fans of his.

the pottery studio

mom and rach sitting on the storm cellar at the pottery house
back at the house that evening we watched movies and football, played nerts and phase 10, and did a 1000 piece puzzle. it was so much fun to just be together and relax at my favorite place in the world.
grandmother and ole trusty boy (she snuck him in out of the cold)
my loving mother
the puzzlers
unfortunately we had to leave saturday morning, it was a short but sweet trip, and i'm so glad we all got to go.
a view of our house from the other side of the lake
this year i'm thankful for a healthy family, and an amazing husband (i'll leave out the mush). i couldn't ask for anything more than that.

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